Manuka tree day cream

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age: 12+
skin: normal, combination, oily

normalising day cream SPF 10 - 50 ml

Light, moisturising-normalising cream for everyday care of oily and combination skin.

Deeply purifying active ingredients:
antibacterial manuka leaves extract
astringent - soothing zinc gluconate
normalising oleanolic acid

Deeply moisturising active ingredients:
bioavailable hyaluronic acid salt
brown algae Laminaria ochloreuca

Protective and corrective active ingredients:
photostable UVA / UVB filters
smoothing balance pigment

• Effectively reduces skin imperfections.
• Regulates the sebaceous glands activity.
• Reduces oily skin and provides matifying effect.
• Reduces blackheads and prevents their formation.
• Moisturises and soothes irritations.
• Evens out the skin tone.



Apply over cleansed skin and delicately pat in.