Antioxidant hair mask

Antioxidant hair mask

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96% ingredients of natural origin

• recommended for damaged and curly hair
• can be applied traditionally or with "curly girl" method
• suitable for use at various stages of hair cleansing
• For: age 12+

• visibly smooths
• moisturises and nourishes dry hair
• highlights the structure of curly hair
• shapes curls and prevents frizz
• noticeably strengthens and elasticises
• makes combing easier • restores healthy shine
• leaves a pleasant smell on hair
• regeneration of curly hair
• can be added to a portion of shampoo - to wash your hair with a mix of shampoo and hair mask for more effective care during washing

directions: Apply before washing on damp hair. Without rinsing, wash your hair with micellar shampoo. The mask can also be used on washed hair. Leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

protective antioxidant, biotin, vitamins B3 B5 B6, strengthening conditioners, thermal water with trace elements