+30 night cream

+30 night cream

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30+ rich night cream

Recommended for 30+ skincare routine:

    Moisturising cream with hyaluronic acid
    Semi-rich anti-wrinkle cream - intensive skin regeneration
    Rich nourishing lipid cream

Unique anti-wrinkle compress - optimising the natural nighttime regeneration process.

Lipid renewal activator:

    Accelerates weakened skin regeneration processes.
    Strengthens skin cohesion, improves its density and elasticity.
    Reduces wrinkles leaving the skin rejuvenated and smooth.

DIRECTIONS: Apply the compress to the face and neck, then gently pat it in.

Use at night. Avoid the eye area. The best smoothing results are achieved by applying

the compress to the face and neck directly after the absorption of the 30+ anti-wrinkle cream.

Suitable for face and neck skin massage.