+30 day/night cream

+30 day/night cream

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30+ semi-rich cream
for day and night use

- increase in skin smoothness by 26%
- increase in skin hydration by 34%
* the result of 28-day treatment confirmed by in vivo tests
methods: VisiaTM and Courage-Khazaka - comprehensive skin analysis systems

Skin supplementation - a unique combination of lipid renewal activator and

polysaccharides provides intensive support in maintaining young skin.

lipid renewal activator
- Supplements the deficiencies of physiological lipids.
- Strengthens the natural skin regeneration processes.
- Reduces roughness and excessive exfoliation of the epidermis.

a mixture of plant polysaccharides
- Visibly and long-lastingly moisturises the skin.
- Visibly improves firmness and elasticity.
- Smoothes the epidermis and prevents wrinkles.

recommended 30+ care
- moisturising cream with hyaluronic acid
- semi-rich anti-wrinkle cream - intensive skin regeneration
- rich nourishing lipid cream