Argan oil body lotion


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Argan oil body lotion
Argan oil body lotion

Protective body lotion with argan oil, 400 ml

Gently lubricates, smooths and softens overdry, irritated skin. 
Restores the hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis. 
Intensely regenerates. 
Visibly decreases skin hypersensitivity. 
Provides healthy skin look. 
It can be used by children aged 3 and onwards. 

Contains no parabens and no colourants. 

Increases the skin hydration by 33% and reduces the transepidermal skin water loss by 15%.

*proved by in vivo Courage-Khazak test

Apply on skin and gently massage in. 
May be used by children aged 3 and above.

Key ingredients:

Skin type:

  • dry
  • irritated
  • very dry

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