Antibacterial gel moisturising 60 ml

Antibacterial gel moisturising 60 ml

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hand care
60 ml

antibacterial gel moisturising

Antibacterial gel for daily hand hygiene. Developed to provide optimum effects on every level of proper skin protection. Microbiologically and dermatologically tested. Cleans hands effectively without water. Provides the skin with the proper hygiene. For refreshing skin care without dryness.

Based on moisturising ingredients:
- Glycerin
- Aloe

Contains active substances:
- Antibacterial salicylates
- Ethanol > 60%*
Ziaja moisturising antibacterial gel
main ingredients

*The ethanol concentration 60-80% is proven to effectively kill enveloped and non-enveloped viruses as well as bacteria and fungi (PN-EN 14476, WHO/IER/PSP/2009.07)



Apply a small amount of gel to dry, non-irritated skin of the hands and rub until it dries out. Use as needed, as frequently as possible.